Busy is Not Better…

For me. Maybe it is for you? That’s cool.

I was recently asked by my personal coach to start designing my “Support Kit” and at first I was really struggling. Everything I was considering was tangible. That’s a problem when you have relatability issues with 95% of the people in your life and “things” just aren’t your things. Hmmm???

Then I realized…the two items I need the very most in my kit ARE NOT TANGIBLE.

Rest. Let me repeat a bit louder for those of you in the back row….REST. I don’t particularly like to be busy. I really hate to have more than one thing on my plate in the same day and when I don’t have completely empty days every now and then I can get quite stressed.

Stress for me leads to junk food and the spiral begins.

Grace. Grace. GRACE!!! The “free and unmerited favor of God” according to The New Oxford Dictionary is the second item I’m throwing in my kit. Because sometimes life just simply doesn’t provide me with opportunities of as much rest as I would like.

So, rest. Rest is not lazy. Rest is self care.

Grace…for the days when I choose the cheese fries and some days cheese fries are also self care.

One thought on “Busy is Not Better…

  1. Yes! Why was this exact thing on my mind at 3:40 in the morning! You couldn’t have said it better! I’m definitely going to work on my support kit.

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