Grandpa Ray’s Christmas Eve Prime Rib

As far back as I can remember, my Grandpa has made Prime Rib for our Christmas Eve Dinner.

I’m gonna cut to the chase. It’s damn good and today I’m sharing his recipe with the world.

Without further ado….

Grandpa Ray’s Christmas Eve Prime Rib

1. Place roast in a roasting pan with a rack, fat side up.

2. Inject with a can of Campbell’s Beef Broth.

3. In a blender make a thick marinade to coat the outside of the roast. This is honestly something you’re going to have to eyeball. No measurements really because it all depends on the size of your roast how much marinade you will need, but be sure it’s thick and will coat the roast without running off the top. The marinade consists of: Andria’s Steak Sauce, Red Wine, Garlic, Carrots, Celery, and Onion.

4. Cover roast with foil and let it sit on the kitchen counter until it comes to room temperature.

5. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Place water in the bottom of your roasting pan and cook uncovered until the internal temperature of the roast reaches 120 degrees. About 10-13 minutes per pound. (An internal digital meat thermometer is nice to have here) Check periodically, to be sure the bottom of the roasting pan is not dry. Add water as needed, but not too much water because you will later use the pan drippings to make Au Jus.

6. When the roast reaches 120 degrees, take the roast out of the oven. Using a turkey baster suck out the pan drippings from the bottom of your roasting pan and squeeze into a saucepan through a strainer lined with cheesecloth. Cover the roast with foil to let it rest. While resting, the roast’s temperature will rise to about 130-135 degrees (rare).

7. To the saucepan of pan drippings add 1 can of beef broth, 1/2 cup of water, splash or so of red wine (maybe 1/4 cup), and 2-3 tsp of beef bouillon granules depending on taste. Bring this to a boil and cook about 7-8 minutes. Taste the Au Jus and add additional bouillon granules until you reach your desired salt level.

8. To serve, scrape the thick marinade from the top of the roast into the roasting pan. Place roast onto a cutting board and slice. Have a hot cast iron skillet or an electric skillet nearby for anyone who wants their slice less rare. Pop a slice on the skillet for about 30-40 seconds per side, until desired doneness. Pour Au Jus over the top of the slice. Small serving cups are nice to have for additional Au Jus or a Horseradish Cream Sauce. Enjoy!

Grandpa Ray and his famous Prime Rib

We typically get a very large roast so we have leftovers for Christmas Day. Be sure to save the Au Jus and wrap the leftover roast tightly in aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight. The next day slice and put into a slow cooker with any leftover Au Jus and a can of beef broth. Warm through and serve with crusty bread and Au Jus for dipping!


A few things about selecting a roast. A true Prime Rib will be clearly labeled USDA PRIME. USDA CHOICE will also be called “Prime Rib” but you will not see this label below. The CHOICE grade will be a little less expensive per pound and it will have less marbling. Don’t worry, either cut will be delicious and you’ll save yourself a few bucks by choosing the CHOICE, but if you can…it’s Christmas…grab the PRIME!

On The Fence…


Family. Friends. Work. Politics. Holidays. Everything. In the middle. Perpetually torn. No peace. Unsettled.

Fleeting moments… Clarity? Happiness? Balance? Nope, nope, nope….you don’t deserve those things.


Over compensate. Over commit. Over spend. Over indulge. I’ll show you!!! I deserve this. I am enough.

Shit. Overwhelmed. Spinning. Drowning. I need air. I quit. Recluse. Step away. Ignore. Recharge.

Feeling guilty.

I want it all. I want nothing. I belong here. I belong nowhere.

The fence. My ground zero. It’s where I feel safe, even though I’m not content. Too scared to step on either side.

Nope, nope, nope….I will not allow this.

Stand the fuck up. Put on my big girl pants. Get my shit together. Stop feeling sorry for myself.


Over compensate. Over commit. Over spend. Over indulge. I’ll show you!!! I am enough.

Shit. Overwhelmed. Spinning. Drowning. I need air. I quit. Recluse. Step away. Ignore. Recharge.

Feeling guilty.



I will stay on the fence…

Exhausted. Torn.

20/20 Vision…

I love new year resolutions. This year is special. It’s a new decade.

However, I have no intentions of making a longer or harder list.

In fact, I’m making it a bit more simple.

Here we go…

SOMETHING OLD: Mail something to someone. The past couple years I’ve had this on my list. I tried to keep up with mailing something each week, but by half way through the year I’m burnt out. This year I’m keeping the tradition because it makes me feel so good, but I’m switching it up a bit. I’m going to mail something once per month. Once per month is more manageable and I can put more thought into my who and why.

SOMETHING NEW: Stop magnifying situations. This is new territory for me. This will take work.

SOMETHING BORROWED:Gretchen Rubin recently put on her list to have six people over for dinner six times. I love this. Again, I’ve tried something similar in years past (monthly themed dinner parties) and it fizzled out by March. This feels much more manageable and if I want to have two parties in one month, I can. No pressure, no expectations…just dinner and guests.

SOMETHING BLUE: Not blue in the slightest, but whatever…it’s my list and I can do what I want with it. My last resolution for 2020 is to read at least six books. If I get through two books a year that’s a big deal, so adding four more seems like a big bite, but I’m up for the challenge.