20/20 Vision…

I love new year resolutions. This year is special. It’s a new decade.

However, I have no intentions of making a longer or harder list.

In fact, I’m making it a bit more simple.

Here we go…

SOMETHING OLD: Mail something to someone. The past couple years I’ve had this on my list. I tried to keep up with mailing something each week, but by half way through the year I’m burnt out. This year I’m keeping the tradition because it makes me feel so good, but I’m switching it up a bit. I’m going to mail something once per month. Once per month is more manageable and I can put more thought into my who and why.

SOMETHING NEW: Stop magnifying situations. This is new territory for me. This will take work.

SOMETHING BORROWED:Gretchen Rubin recently put on her list to have six people over for dinner six times. I love this. Again, I’ve tried something similar in years past (monthly themed dinner parties) and it fizzled out by March. This feels much more manageable and if I want to have two parties in one month, I can. No pressure, no expectations…just dinner and guests.

SOMETHING BLUE: Not blue in the slightest, but whatever…it’s my list and I can do what I want with it. My last resolution for 2020 is to read at least six books. If I get through two books a year that’s a big deal, so adding four more seems like a big bite, but I’m up for the challenge.

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