Sun Tea…

Did you grow up in a family who made sun tea? Do you still make it? For whatever reason it reminds me of more simple times. It makes me smile.

This election is about remembering why you’re friends with people in the first place and not cutting them out of your life based on the campaign sign in their yard. Invite that friend over for a glass of sun tea.

Different strokes for different folks and we can all still be friends. Not into sun tea? Have coffee with someone who disagrees with you. Find the common ground. It’s there.

Do not blindly share or believe the bullshit you see on the internet. You have a mind of your own. USE IT. Figure out what YOU believe in. Don’t know what to believe? Take time to sit out in the sunshine while your tea brews. You’ll figure it out.

Drink sun tea. Forget the kool-aid.