6 months ago…

On March 6, 2020…my most recent blog post, I spoke about Sun Tea, more simple times, and some political bullshit.

On March 13th, I packed up much of my office into a milk crate and headed home.

On March 17th, my kids packed up their lockers into their backpacks and headed home.

On March 25th, I had a full blown anxiety attack. I quickly saw my doctor. I started medication.

April and May. I worked from home. My husband worked from home. My kids went to school…at home.


Morning coffee and chats with my husband on the back porch before walking 35 steps to work.

Lunch breaks as a family.

Dinner every single evening at the dining room table.

Evening bike rides.

Morning walks.

The occasional late night Netflix binge.

On June 1st, my office transitioned from everyone working remotely, to a hybrid plan of staggering in-office days and working remote days.

On August 12, my kids went back to school on a hybrid schedule of in-class days and remote learning days.

For me, 2020 isn’t a dumpster fire.

I’ve found balance…no…no..no…balance found me.

Dare, I say…..

I’m thriving.