Free…..Free Thinker!

It’s March. I’m revisiting my 2021 word of the year: AUTONOMY

My personal interpretation: the condition of SELF-GOVERNMENT…..obviously within reason.

Nope, not claiming to be a Sovereign Citizen and I’m free to think that that concept is utterly ridiculous.

I’m free to form opinions on difficult matters.

I’m free to be moderate and not take sides.

I’m also free to take a side and feel shame free.

I’m free to love Dr. Seuss books.

I’m free to think that Donald Trump and the Cuomo Brothers are equally disgusting humans.

I’m free to admire our President Joe Biden as a human, but dislike his policy.

I’m free to support with all of my heart a THIN BLUE LINE, but understand why it might offend others.

I’m free to empathize and support BLACK LIVES, but not agree with the BLM organization.

I’m free to dislike Acai Bowls because I think eating a smoothie with a spoon is fucking weird.

I’m free to buy you blended fruit dumped in a bowl and topped with granola because you’re my friend and I know you love them!!!

You get my drift? I’m a Free….FREE THINKER!!!

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