About Me

Hey, there! I’m Jessica. I’m a 40-something wife and mother of two boys. Born and raised in rural Illinois. I battle with issues of abandonment. I’ve given the number on my scale too much power for the past 20 years. By nature, I’m a half glass empty gal, but I’m winning the battle to overcome the negativity. I’m a semi-recovered self-help book addict. I am an Enneagram Type 1. Gretchen Rubin would call me a Questioner. My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator suggests I’m an ISTJ with a VERY STRONG emphasis on the (T) THINKING. My love language is “Words of Affirmation” and in the woo-woo world of Human Design I’m a Projector with Splenic Authority. If you couldn’t already guess, I severely suffer from analysis paralysis. I see a therapist.

I don’t think I’m alone.

This blog is part of my personal growth experience. It allows me to get in touch with my feelings and gives me an outlet that I can share with others.  I’m still flawed, but maybe just maybe I’m one step ahead of someone else who has my same struggles.  Maybe I can help them?  Better yet…we can help each other? Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

So, friends, enough already!  Let’s put to work that self-help knowledge that we’ve all been reading about for years. Let’s hop off the diet roller coaster. Let’s stop over-researching how to live better and JUST START LIVING. Let’s embrace what’s INSIDE the glass and stop worrying about what’s missing from it.  Let’s start living a life that we don’t want to run away from.

EMBRACE our flaws. EMBRACE our bodies. EMBRACE situations beyond our control. EMBRACE others for who they are. EMBRACE our insecurities. EMBRACE that everything happens for a reason. EMBRACE struggle. EMBRACE movement. EMBRACE happiness. EMBRACE balance. EMBRACE our minds, bodies, and spirits. EMBRACE kindness. EMBRACE self care. EMBRACE help from others. EMBRACE our truth. EMBRACE vulnerability.

It’s time that we once and for all EMBRACE THE WHOLE THING!!! Who is with me?

Let’s embrace life together.

What The Cool People Say

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

Brené Brown

Flawsome: (adjective)
An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they are AWESOME regardless.

Unknown, but they are AWESOME!